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We Are Motiff, Design Partner for Industry Leaders

We are a digital product design agency specialized in working with industry leaders, startups, enterprises, and brands.

Our focus? Crafting intuitive digital solutions that help our partners reach their peak, always aiming higher than expected. We're all about excellence and being the first choice for clients seeking game-changing digital solutions that truly make a difference in how users experience them.

Our Mission

To design and build intuitive digital products that help our partners maximize their potential and create extra value for their end users.

Values We Live By

At Motiff, we uphold a set of values that guide our interactions, regardless of one’s role or position within the team.
High Standards & Quality
At Motiff, we're all about a relentless pursuit of excellence in both performance and quality. We align with our clients' objectives, ensuring outstanding results while adhering to the highest ethical and industry standards.

Passion drives us—we're obsessed with success! Our focus? Creating user-centric solutions that benefit all stakeholders, including our community, partners, and colleagues.
Ownership Mentality
At Motiff, ownership is a mindset and our raison d'etre. We take initiative and lead by example, taking full responsibility for projects from inception to completion. By empowering our team to take ownership, we nurture collective growth, accelerate client success, and sustain our organizational health.

We focus on continuous improvement and collaborate as a team. That's how we ensure mutual accountability, stimulate a culture of growth and reliable long-term success.
Sharing is Caring
At Motiff, we share and spread knowledge generously. Sharing what we know and learning together inspires continuous growth for our team. It’s team success over individual glory. By nurturing this sense of unity, collaborative learning serves as a foundational element of our mission.
Embracing Continuous Growth
At Motiff, we’re all about continuous progress. Looking ahead and staying up to date with the latest trends keeps us sharp and allows us to continue to add value to our clients.

We are passionate about leveling up, both personally and professionally. Our commitment? Continuous progress and keeping an open mind to seeing the bigger picture. Growth and learning are what keep us going strong and paves the way for long term partnerships with our clients.
Going Beyond the Expected
At Motiff, we believe in making a lasting impact. Our goal? To consistently astonish and exceed expectations by creating memorable experiences and highly functional products. We see ourselves as more than just service providers – we're genuine partners to our clients.

We give our absolute best, push the boundaries of what is expected and deliver outstanding outcomes. We make every interaction count, leaving a lasting impression that truly reflects our commitment to creating tangible value.

Our Team

Meet the team behind our digital excellence.
Saudin Ceric Saudin Ceric Black&White
Saudin Ceric
UX/UI Designer
Jasmina Hodzic Jasmina Hodzic Black&White
Jasmina Hodzic
Client Partner
Faris Mesanovic Faris Mesanovic Black&White
Faris Mesanovic
UX/UI Designer
Ismar Borcak Ismar Borcak Black&White
Ismar Borcak
Business Development
Meliha Mušinović Meliha Mušinović Black&White
Meliha Musinovic
UX/UI Designer
Adnan Hodzic Adnan Hodzic Black&White
Adnan Hodzic
Sefik Mujkic Sefik Mujkic Black&White
Sefik Mujkic
UX/UI Designer
Kanita Polimac Kanita Polimac Black&White
Kanita Polimac
UX/UI Designer
Irfan Mehanovic Irfan Mehanovic Black&White
Irfan Mehanovic
Full-Stack Developer
Nihad Heto Nihad Heto Black&White
Nihad Heto
Business Development
Esma Hodzic Esma Hodzic Black&White
Esma Hodzic
UX Researcher
Senad Metiljevic Senad Metiljevic Black&White
Senad Metiljevic
Front-End Developer

Motiff Through Numbers

Over the past 13 years, we've helped entrepreneurs, startups, and big companies create, design, and launch products.
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