Design System — A Foundation for Scalable Success

Design Systems provide a single source of truth for your visual assets, components and design language, helping you produce new designs quickly and consistently as you scale. All efficiency, no redundant work.
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Design Systems — A Deep Dive

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A design system provides a unified visual language and set of components, fostering a harmonious user experience across your entire digital ecosystem.

A design system is a repository of reusable components such as icons, buttons, form fields, and interactive modules. These make up larger patterns, screens and guidelines, typically accompanied by code. It serves as a framework for designers and developers to efficiently create and maintain design consistency and velocity across product features.

What is the Value of a Design System?

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Design Systems standardize design across your entire organization, helping you design faster, continue iterating at scale, and produce consistently better interfaces and products.

Investing in a design system is much more than a commitment to cohesive aesthetics — it's a strategy that directly impacts product success. By investing in a design system, you're not just streamlining your design process, you're laying down the infrastructure for sustained business growth and increased customer satisfaction.

Faster Time-To-Market
Design Systems enable faster prototyping and development, reducing the time from idea to market and simplifying market launches.
Optimized User Experience
With a unified, consistent and accessible interface across all products and platforms, user interactions are more intuitive and enjoyable.
Improved Designer/Developer Collaboration
Design Systems lead to better communication between design and development teams, making sure both teams are on the same page.
Cost Effectiveness
While there is an upfront cost, a Design System can save money in the long run. It reduces design and development time and helps product teams validate ideas and bring new features to market faster.
Product Growth
As product needs evolve and grow, having a well-developed Design System enables quick iterations contributing to product growth and scalability.
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The data science team at Figma found that when designers had access to a design system that was relevant to what they were working on, they completed their tasks 34% faster.

Design Systems Bridge Team Gaps

Product teams, marketers, developers and designers may all refer to this central source of truth to kickstart their initiatives. A well-designed and managed design system enables rapid idea execution, testing, and keeping up with the changing strategy. It’s a systematic approach improving satisfaction for everyone involved.

A design system acts as the bridge between creativity and efficiency, enabling teams to craft beautiful experiences with a language that speaks to both form and function, across platforms.

Colors and Schemes

A Comprehensive Approach

Improved end-user experience is just a side effect. The true beneficiaries of a well-implemented design system are your internal teams.

Holistic & Collaborative Approach

We start with an exploration of your brand, target audience and objectives.
This allows us to later tailor solutions to your needs and objectives.

Consistency Across Platforms

Our focus is on creating a consistent and intuitive user experience across all user touchpoints, enhancing brand identity and user satisfaction.

Atomic Design Methodology

We build progressively modular design systems following the modern principles of Atomic Design, allowing us to prototype rapidly.

Scalable Solutions

Our goal is to create flexible and scalable design systems that evolve with your business, are durable, adaptable and always improving.

Comprehensive Documentation

Design principles, accessibility considerations, edge cases and guidelines are documented to ensure clarity for internal design system users.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We provide post-launch assistance, updates, training and documentation encouraging design system adoption and usage.

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The success of a Design System is judged by it’s adoption. It’s tough to see the ROI when your Design System lives in Figma and nobody knows about it, especially the teams responsible for rapidly building product features.

We help drive Design System team adoption by involving all stakeholders and end users, encouraging and implementing their feedback and creating a sense of shared ownership. When teams see direct impact on their KPIs as a result of using the Design System, they are more likely to make it part of their daily workflow.

Our Design System Package

Foundations and Assets
  • Checkmark Color System
  • Checkmark Typography
  • Checkmark Accessibility Guidelines
  • Checkmark Layouts and Grids
  • Checkmark Iconography
  • Checkmark Token Structure + Theming
Component Library
  • Checkmark UI Design and Reusable Design Library
  • Checkmark Design Guidelines for All Components
  • Checkmark Detailed Design Specs for All Components
  • Checkmark Component Library Development
  • Checkmark Implementation QA
Templates and Patterns
  • Checkmark Documentation and Design for Patterns
  • Checkmark Reusable Design Templates
Documentation and Adoption
  • Checkmark Adoption Support
  • Checkmark Contribution Guidelines
Design System Color Palette
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