Research and Discovery

Learning and analyzing your business takes priority in this stage. We work with clients to clearly define goals, clarify the problem and profile the end user.
Team research and discovery

Services and Technology We Use


  • Product Roadmap
  • Market Scan
  • User Research
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Data & Analytics
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Model Canvas
  • User Experience Research and Testing
  • UX Performance Monitoring and Analytics
  • Product Fit-Gap Analysis


  • Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics
  • HotJarHotJar
  • CrunchbaseCrunchbase
  • CB InsightsCB Insights
  • Survey MonkeySurvey Monkey
  • MiroMiro
  • G2 CrowdG2 Crowd
  • CapterraCapterra
  • SEMrushSEMrush
  • HubSpotHubSpot
  • AmplitudeAmplitude
  • FigJamFigJam
  • Planning PokerPlanning Poker
  • NotionNotion
  • ConfluenceConfluence
  • SlabSlab

Measure twice, cut once.
Then...continue measuring...and cutting.

Learning and analyzing your business takes priority in this stage. We work closely with our clients to clearly define goals, identify challenges, and profile the end user. Our goal is to help you create a product that meets the needs of end-users and has a high chance of market success.

Digital products are never done and have to constantly evolve to meet users’ needs. This is why continuous discovery is so important. When you prioritize user needs, business needs are met as a result.

Research Creates an Understanding About User Behavior, Motivations and Needs. It Ensures We’re Solving the Right Problem.

User-centric Approach

By conducting market analysis and user testing, we gain a deep understanding of target users and their needs. With this approach, we ensure that the product is designed to meet the needs of our target population which results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Development Cost
Reduced Development Costs

By identifying and addressing potential issues in the early phase of the product development lifecycle, we can avoid unnecessary development rework. This leads to smarter decision making and reduces the risk of significant product changes later on.

Product Fit
Better Product Fit

Through product idea or feature validation, we ensure that the product aligns with market demands. This reduces the risk of creating a product that doesn't meet customer needs.

Business Goals
Aligned Business Goals

By being in touch with our target market, we’re well positioned to identify new opportunities for innovation and growth, aligning product ideas, end-users needs, and your business goals.

Team research and discovery

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