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UX/UI Designer
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TeleMeet is an AI-powered video conferencing platform. Features such as meeting compliance, agenda builder, video and transcript playback, timestamped notes, secure document handling, built-in whiteboard and integration with third-party apps help users make the most of each call. Designed with data-sensitive industries in mind, it places strong focus on security and compliance while improving productivity and collaboration.

TeleMeet's core aspect is the data analysis feature that offers powerful insights into communication and client interactions. Using advanced algorithms and AI, TeleMeet provides detailed analytics, allowing businesses to evaluate meeting effectiveness, participant engagement, and communication efficiency. Intuitive dashboards and reports provide easy access to this information, helping you make better, data-driven decisions.

In Meeting Dashboard

Video Conferencing Tools Are Too Isolated

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No built-in way to set an agenda and prepare for meetings.
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Inefficient and isolated process with limited integrations.
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Security issues impacting businesses.
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Ineffective task tracking and post-meeting follow-up.
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Compliance concerns for data-sensitive businesses.
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No feedback during meetings to drive engagement.

Businesses in data-sensitive sectors struggle to find digital communication tools that meet stringent security and compliance standards. Many existing options lack essential features, hindering data integrity and regulatory adherence. Additionally, these tools often require numerous plugins for basic functions like obtaining call transcripts and task creation, further complicating their usability and efficiency.

The Solution

Beyond Meetings - TeleMeet's Vision for Smarter Business Interactions

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Secure, Flexible Meeting Spaces

Provides a versatile environment for meetings, interviews, and audits, emphasizing security and adaptability to business needs.

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AI-Enhanced Engagement

Utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline meeting management, facilitate smart follow-ups, and support data-driven decision making.

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Comprehensive Compliance

Ensures adherence to industry-specific regulations, safeguarding data, and enhancing trust in client communications.

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Integrated Practice Management

Simplifies administrative tasks with tools for scheduling, document management, and personalized communication strategies.

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Industry-Specific Solutions

Delivers tailored features for sectors like finance, medicine, law, education, and government, addressing unique challenges and enhancing compliance and client satisfaction.

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Revolutionizing Business-Client Interactions

Offers a platform that transforms how businesses communicate with clients, fostering more effective and meaningful connections.

Selected Features

The Future of Smart, AI-Enhanced Industry Communication


AI-Powered Meeting Compliance and Quality Control

The platform utilizes artificial intelligence and keyword analysis to conduct thorough audits and reviews of all meetings, upholding stringent compliance and ensuring the accuracy of context.

Smart Suggestions

Video & Transcript

This feature enhances meeting accessibility with intelligent video and transcription playback, fully compliant with PII standards for data protection.

Video and TranscriptVideo Timeline

Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven meeting assistant provides a smarter way to engage with your client.

Artificial Intelligence

Tasks, Notes & Voice Annotations

Effortlessly create time-stamped notes and voice comments during meetings to simplify the process of reviewing them afterward. Make taking notes and adding voice comments during meetings a breeze, making it super easy to go over everything once the meeting's done. This cool feature improves meeting effectiveness, letting everyone throw in notes and tasks as things happen, so nothing gets missed.

Tasks and Notes

3rd Party Integrations and Business Widgets

Extensive integration capabilities, enabling seamless interaction with popular apps and systems within its digital meeting environment. Integrates key business applications directly into the meeting space, allowing for real-time information sharing and collaboration.

3rd Part Integrations

Agenda Builder

Enables the creation of focused, productive meetings with the ability to set agendas in advance, attach documents, and use company-wide templates for consistency.

Agenda Builder
Help in many industries

Industry Solutions

Tele Advisor

How are you going to help your clients achieve their financial goals? Show your clients their data their financial plans from the comfort of their home.

Tele Med

Connect with your patients in a new way and share information with their caretakers.

Tele Law

Conduct all of your meetings with your clients online with fully integrated legal solutions.

Tele Edu

Discussions with parents and students that can be transcribed and managed for compliance.

Tele Gov

All audit and review done online. All governing bodies can stay connected to their constituents and with each other in reviewing legislation.

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Solutions For Each Industry

We focus on client interactions. Your interaction with your client should be driven by technology and all in one location.

The Results

Impact Made

Enhanced Security and Compliance
By emphasizing security and compliance, TeleMeet is poised to become the preferred choice for sectors such as healthcare, finance, and government, known for their rigorous regulatory requirements. This commitment to meeting high compliance standards is likely to influence future market trends, pushing the entire industry towards adopting stronger security measures in communication platforms.
Increased Productivity and Efficiency
Features like AI-powered meeting assistants, task assignments, and time-stamped notes streamline the meeting process, potentially setting a new standard for what users expect from digital communication tools.
Greater Adoption in Data-Sensitive Sectors
TeleMeet's strong focus on safeguarding data and maintaining privacy may lead to more sectors, previously wary because of security risks, embracing digital meeting technologies. Such a trend could broaden the market for digital communication tools, indicating TeleMeet's role in transforming industry standards for secure online interactions.
Shift Towards More Integrated Solutions
The platform’s knack for blending in with other apps and handy business tools shows off how cool an all-in-one digital workspace can be. It's all about making life easier for businesses, changing the game on how we all use these chat and meet-up apps.

Differentiation & Competitive Advantages

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Size and Focus

TeleMeet adopts a targeted strategy, specifically serving niche markets such as finance, healthcare, education, government, legal, and insurance, ensuring a specialized approach tailored to the unique needs of these sectors.

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Client-Centric Approach

TeleMeet adopts a client-focused strategy, fostering deeper connections by closely engaging with clients to comprehend their distinct requirements and customizing solutions to meet those needs effectively.

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TeleMeet stands out for its exceptional adaptability and comprehensive integration capabilities, offering clients the flexibility to customize the platform according to their unique operational requirements. This tailored approach ensures that organizations across various sectors can optimize the platform's functionality to align with their specific communication and data management needs, enhancing overall efficiency and user satisfaction.

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Privacy Concerns

TeleMeet places a strong emphasis on providing private solutions that not only comply with industry-specific regulations but also incorporate advanced security measures. This approach contrasts sharply with platforms known for extensive data collection practices that may extend beyond product enhancement, raising privacy concerns among users.

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TeleMeet is dynamic and innovative, swiftly evolving to stay ahead of market trends and respond to customer needs with agility.

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Industry Recognition

TeleMeet has been hailed by Fast Company for its standout achievements in Innovation, AI, and Data, as well as being spotlighted as a trailblazer in Next Big Things in Tech.


Team, Advisors, and Investors

Paul Kellam
Paul Kellam
CO-founder and CFO
Jasmin Ćerkić
Jasmin Cerkic
CO-founder and CTO
Khash Saraffi
Khash Sarrafi
CO-founder and CEO
Ado Hodžić
Ado Hodzic
Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer